NoVA/DC Weather Forecast for the week of April 26

This week, we get a first taste of some summer weather with highs in the *80s*. Currently, it is only 58 degrees and partly cloudy in Leesburg. In terms of precipitation, it will be pretty dry with a chance for some rain showers on Thursday, but otherwise, hot and dry.

Current satellite image

Tonight, expect partly cloudy skies and 10–20 mph winds as a low pressure system moves farther off the coast. The low will be around 38 degrees. Tomorrow (Monday) will be a very nice spring day before the summer heat arrives on Tuesday. Expect mostly sunny skies and a high around 66 and a low around 47. Some light winds around 10 mph are also possible on Monday. Tuesday the heat from the south moves in as temperatures shoot up into the 80s. It will be mostly sunny with a high around 81 and low around 59. Some light winds will continue into Tuesday as well. Luckily, the heat this week will not come along with summertime humidity, as dew points will stay in the 50s, so it won’t feel overly suffocating when you walk outside. Wednesday will again be mostly sunny with a high around 83. Definitely possible for some isolated thunderstorms in the evenings on Tuesday and Wednesday, depending on moisture levels and instability in the atmosphere. Wednesday’s low will be around 64.

On Thursday we will start getting back down to earth in terms of temperature. Thursday will be mostly cloudy as a low pressure system/cold front moves through. There is a chance for some rain showers, but amounts will be fairly light since moisture seems limited. The high will be around 79 and the low around 57. Friday’s high temperature will be even lower as that cold air tries to fight against the warm air. Friday will be partly sunny with a high around 65 and low around 46.

Overall, not a bad week, but a warning for the summer heat that will soon make itself more prominent over the region. Just like this week will be mostly warm and dry, the west side of the country (Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada) will be experiencing some of their own dry weather, with the possibility for some wildfires due to their critical fire conditions. My next post for the weekend will be released on Friday evening.

Hello! I am Sam, a current high school student with an interest in the atmospheric sciences. Join me as I post weather forecasts for the NoVA/DC area!