NoVA/DC Weather Forecast for the week of February 1

Well…today we did get snow, but the amounts were not *quite* what we were likely all expecting. Snow started early this morning quickly covering the area, picking up in intensity at times as some stronger snow bands formed. It was predicted the DC area would see a good 6 inches or so, with more in the north and west suburbs. Of course, this does include anything from tomorrow and Tuesday morning, but it’s not looking too good. Below is a map of some of the reported totals in the area for the day.

Generally it was a good 3–5 inches for the area, with lesser amounts down to the south and east and higher amounts in that range at points around western Loudoun and farther north and west. Currently, Winter Weather Advisories have been issued for the area until 10AM Monday, which again could change depending on what happens. Winter Storm Warnings still in effect for northern Maryland as more snow is expected there.

Additional snow accumulation is looking to be about 1–3 inches for the DC area with more to the north and east. The dry air really hurt us today.

The picture below shows the storm currently, as it moves counterclockwise northwest. The low is expected to form just off the Delmarva Peninsula, but a slight shift south could bring increased snow totals for our area. This is really just going to be something that will happen in the moment (nowcasting).

So, for tomorrow (Monday) in the DC area, expect a wintry mix and some snow showers throughout the day. There may be some breaks, and chances of a wintry mix increase the farther south and east you go. Counties far north and west will likely stick with all snow during the day. As that low develops the wind will pick up with gusts of about 25 mph. Everything should clear out of the area by early Tuesday morning. Temperatures will stay around freezing tomorrow before getting into the mid-30s on Tuesday, again with some 25–30 mph wind gusts with mostly cloudy conditions. The low will drop down into the mid-20s Tuesday night.

Wednesday and Thursday will be nice and sunny, but chilly with a high in the mid-30s on Wednesday and low-40s on Thursday. Low on Wednesday around 20 while for Thursday around freezing. Temperatures will really rise on Friday into the upper-40s and possibly lower-50s in some areas. Slight chance of some rain showers with a low around freezing. Some models currently showing another chance at some good snow accumulation, but it is 7 days out so do we really need to say anything more? Also looking at some possible extreme cold next weekend into that next week too.

My next update will be on Friday to talk about the weekend.



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Sam Irvine

Hello! I am Sam, a current high school student with an interest in the atmospheric sciences. Join me as I post weather forecasts for the NoVA/DC area!