NoVA/DC Weekend Weather Forecast for May 14

Welcome to another weekend in May! Currently, it is 63 degrees with clear skies in Leesburg. Tonight, clouds will stay clear from the skies and temperatures will drop down to around 46 as the low.

Current clear satellite image.

This weekend will be one with two moods: happy and dreary. Saturday looks fantastic with mostly sunny skies and a high around 73 and low around 51. Sunday will still be relatively warm, but mostly cloudy with chances for rain showers later in the day. The high will be around 68 and the low will be around 52. Any rain or thunderstorms that do pass through and form would be in the afternoon/evening, most likely after about 3–4pm. The clouds will stick around for a little while longer on Monday with another chance for some rain showers. The high will be around 66. The temperatures during the day on Monday could vary widely across the area due to a possible front attempting to move in and cut off warm air from the south.

Overall, the week ahead is looking to be much warmer than last week, with highs in the low to mid 80s by mid-week. There will be little to no rain as well besides the chances for thunderstorms later in the afternoon in some spots. Enjoy the weekend!

My next post for the week ahead will be posted on Sunday afternoon.



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Sam Irvine

Hello! I am Sam, a current high school student with an interest in the atmospheric sciences. Join me as I post weather forecasts for the NoVA/DC area!