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After a Saturday of some intense thunderstorms around the area, and a beautiful low humidity, not super hot, partly sunny day today, this week we return to a hot and dry pattern. Currently, it is 78 degrees in Leesburg with partly cloudy skies. Tonight, expect increasing clouds with a low around 67.

Tomorrow (Monday), it will be relatively dry and mostly sunny with a high around 87, and a low around 68. There is a slight chance for an isolated thunderstorm but overall it will stay dry. Tuesday and Wednesday will be pretty similar to Monday, but just slightly warmer…

Another work week is upon us…hopefully everyone was able to do some fun things outdoors while the weather was nice! This week will be HOT and sunny! Currently, it is 87 degrees in Leesburg with mostly sunny skies. Tonight, expect some scattered showers/thunderstorms across northern parts of the area. Otherwise, it will be partly cloudy with a low of 73.

Severe Thunderstorm Watches to our north and west; some storms may clip northernmost areas

Tomorrow (Monday) will be sunny with a high around 95 and a low around 73. It will be pretty hot and humid so there will be a potential for thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening practically everyday, as the atmosphere…

It’s time for another summer weekend! This past week, there were storms that popped up everyday over the area giving some places an inch or two of rain. Here in Leesburg, we got over 2 inches of rain from a storm on Wednesday! Tropical Storm Elsa also passed to our east earlier today and yesterday, before quickly moving up the East Coast. Currently, it is 77 in Leesburg and partly cloudy, and while there are no storms here at the moment, there are some to our north and east that will make their way further east to the coast.

Radar image (as of 8:30pm ET)


It’s time for another weekend post! After a nice week of some cool temperatures, specifically starting on this past Wednesday, the heat returns for this weekend and the week ahead.

Current satellite image

Currently, it is 77 degrees in Leesburg with partly cloudy skies. Clouds will increase in coverage tonight due to a weak low from the south. The low will be around 68. Tomorrow (Saturday) will be a nice day with partly sunny skies and a high around 86. The low will be around 71. High pressure from the south just off the coast will aid in bringing more warm and humid…

After a month hiatus with finals, other exams, vacations, and more, I am back to continue these twice-weekly weather forecasts! In addition, I will also be writing articles and giving updates on tropical systems that form since hurricane season has begun. Thanks for sticking with me and read on for the latest forecast!

Currently, it is 79 degrees in Leesburg with partly cloudy skies. Tonight, expect clouds to linger along with a low around 71.

Current radar image. Some thunderstorms have developed up into Pennsylvania.

Tomorrow (Monday) will be just as hot as today with temperatures rising past 90 and high humidity levels. It will be mostly sunny with a…

Welcome to the start of another week! This past weekend was pretty nice with seasonable temperatures and sunny skies. There were some stray rain showers in some spots earlier, and it was sunny this morning, but clouds have since filled the sky. This week will be much warmer than this weekend and all of last week, as temperatures climb up to *90*. Currently, it is 59 degrees in Leesburg and overcast.

Tonight, it will be mostly cloudy with a low of 48. Some moisture in the air can create some fog late tonight into early tomorrow morning, but will burn…

Welcome to another weekend in May! Currently, it is 63 degrees with clear skies in Leesburg. Tonight, clouds will stay clear from the skies and temperatures will drop down to around 46 as the low.

Current clear satellite image.

This weekend will be one with two moods: happy and dreary. Saturday looks fantastic with mostly sunny skies and a high around 73 and low around 51. Sunday will still be relatively warm, but mostly cloudy with chances for rain showers later in the day. The high will be around 68 and the low will be around 52. Any rain or thunderstorms that do pass…

After a rainy and dreary week, this weekend looks to be…really more of the same. More rain and lower than average temperatures for the month of May. Currently, it is 48 degrees in Leesburg and mostly cloudy. Tonight, expect clouds to eventually clear with a low around 40.

Current satellite image of clouds over the area.

Saturday will not be too dreary, and actually partly sunny, but with a high only around 59 and a low around 41. There is a chance for some showers in the evening, with maybe a slight chance as well for a thunderstorm depending on instability and moisture in atmosphere, but overall it…

Hello again! Apologies for some breaks in forecasts. It has been a busy couple of weeks, and there is just a little bit more before I have a lot more time. Hang in there with me.

This past Friday was a very windy one, and wind gusts topped 60 mph in some areas, which is very rare for the month of April.

This week will be a lot less windy, so if anyone did incur some damage or get some items scattered in the backyard, you have plenty of time to clean up. Currently, it is 74 degrees in…

This week, we get a first taste of some summer weather with highs in the *80s*. Currently, it is only 58 degrees and partly cloudy in Leesburg. In terms of precipitation, it will be pretty dry with a chance for some rain showers on Thursday, but otherwise, hot and dry.

Current satellite image

Tonight, expect partly cloudy skies and 10–20 mph winds as a low pressure system moves farther off the coast. The low will be around 38 degrees. Tomorrow (Monday) will be a very nice spring day before the summer heat arrives on Tuesday. Expect mostly sunny skies and a high around…

Sam Irvine

Hello! I am Sam, a current high school student with an interest in the atmospheric sciences. Join me as I post weather forecasts for the NoVA/DC area!

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